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Strata: Portraits of Humanity - December 2014


East and southeast Anatolia; English China Shipwreck site in Biscayne Bay


Eastern and southeastern Anatolia in Turkey has great scenic beauty and is an archaeological wonderland with clear traces of many civilizations.  It includes Mt. Nimrud, with a massive burial mound and monumental statues placed at the summit 2000 years ago.

Historic Fort Gadsden


During the War of 1812, British forces built a fort on the Apalachicola River in the Florida panhandle to enlist local Native Americans against the United States.

Day of the Dead Altar


The Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, is a Mexican holiday held each year on November 1-2.  Dr. David Carrasco of Harvard University’s Peabody Museum explains the essential elements of a Day of the Dead altar, by which Mexican families honor their beloved dead..

Excavation of Prehistoric Canoe


Working quickly without heavy equipment to avoid damage to the artifact, archaeologists organized by Southeastern Archaeological Research excavate a thousand-year-old forty-foot wooden canoe from the sandy shore of an island in Tampa Bay.

Statement to the Society for Historical Archaeology about Ethics and Odyssey Marine Exploration: A Video Commentary by Ivor Noël Hume


In a prepared video statement shown at the 2014 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology, Ivor Noël Hume explains why he believes that Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc., should be accepted as a member of the professional archaeological community.


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Audio News from Archaeologica, 7 December - 13 December 2014

Ancient Japanese imperial building foundations; Danish Glossary Link Bronze Age beads from Egypt; Pacific Northwest legend carved on boulder; Luxor excavation discoveries

Audio News from Archaeologica, 30 November - 6 December 2014

Booze & beef in Iceland; English palace in Old Sarum; Java man carvings on mussel shells; King Richard confirmed by DNA

Audio News from Archaeologica, 23 November - 29 November 2014

Vampire burials in Poland; Zodiac animals in Silk Road tombs; Perfect axe from Glossary Link Stone Age Denmark; New finds in Hatfield-McCoy feud

Audio News from Archaeologica, 16 November - 22 November 2014

Ancient farming on the Tibetan Plateau; submerged settlement off Greek island; children’s moccasins in Utah cave; excavations ongoing just meters from ISIL territory

Audio News from Archaeologica, 9 November - 15 November 2014

Very ancient infant burials in Alaska; Roman glass dish in Japanese tomb; elaborate mural in northern Chinese tomb; manufacturing process for China’s terracotta warriors.

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