Interesting people answering questions about interesting things.

An Interview with Dr. Fred Wendorf

The leading pioneer in the prehistoric archaeology of the Nile Valley and the Eastern Sahara shares recollections about his life in reference to his recently published memoir.

An Interview with Ric Gillespie and Tom King

Two key investigators planning a 2007 expedition to Nikumaroro bring us up to date on the latest research and findings in the search for Amelia Earhart.

Adam Fish Interviews Forensic Archaeologist Mercedes Doretti

A prominent forensic archaeologist tells how she and her team have applied archaeological methods to the investigation of human rights violations around the world.

An Interview with Jason Williams

A filmmaker recounts the remarkable story of recovering the Treasures of Nimrud in the Central Bank of Iraq and comments on Iraq's heritage crisis.

An Interview with Dr. Richard Pettigrew

In a radio interview, the organizer of The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival (16-19 July 2003) describes the Festival and the reasons behind it as well as associated events.

An Interview with Dr. Samuel M. Paley

An archaeologist at SUNY Buffalo describes the archaeology of Iraq and how priceless Iraqi sites, artifacts and museums may be vulnerable to war.

An Interview with Laetitia Dion

The organizer of the Icronos International Festival of Archaeological Film, Bordeaux, France, describes the Festival and how she puts it together.

An Interview with Dr. Bill Doleman

A contract archaeologist at the University of New Mexico describes his fieldwork, undertaken for the SCI FI Channel, exploring the purported 1947 crash site of an alien spacecraft at Roswell, New Mexico.

An Interview with Jessica Paladini

A leader of the effort to protect the Black Creek Site, a rare prehistoric site in New Jersey, from development shares her experience.

An Interview with Dr. Richard Pettigrew

The creator of The Archaeology Channel discusses the invention and 2300-year evolution of the first keyboard musical instrument, featured also on a TAC video.

An Interview with Dr. Tom King

The chief archaeologist for the TIGHAR research effort devoted to solving the Amelia Earhart disappearance mystery explains the clues his team is following.

An Interview with Dr. Charles Orser

Atlantis expert, Dr. Charles Orser, Jr., Distinguished Professor of Anthropology at Illinois State University, shares with us his perspectives on Atlantis.

An Interview with Dr. Ruth Shady

The Project Director of research at Caral, Peru, discusses her perspectives on this enormous city built at the same time as the pyramids in Egypt.