This site is a venue for your quality video and audio materials involving archaeology, indigenous peoples, or related subjects. We encourage archaeologists, indigenous groups, and film and video producers with suitable content to explore partnerships with us.





The Archaeology Channel is interested in partnering with makers of films about archaeology, indigenous peoples, and related subjects. Whether you are a film or video producer, an archaeologist, or a representative of an indigenous group, we offer you an opportunity to show your work to a worldwide audience of thousands of viewers each month. We are particularly interested in material that shows ongoing research, interpretations of past human lifeways, and glimpses of existing cultures that illustrate the wonderful diversity of the human experience, in an entertaining, accurate, respectful, and educational way.


Archaeologists We offer you an opportunity to share with the public and with other archaeologists the fruits of your work. Include funding for film and video production in your grant and contract proposals with the knowledge that The Archaeology Channel can be your venue for telling your research story to the world. If desired, we can provide a link to your website and supplementary information about your research, as well as full contact information.


Film and video producers Through The Archaeology Channel, you now have a vehicle for publicizing your work. Now you can get exposure to a much larger audience than ever before. We will help you improve your visibility and sell your videos through a link to your website and full contact information as well as supplementary information for our viewers. Plan your productions with The Archaeology Channel in mind.


Indigenous groups We offer our assistance in your efforts to recover, preserve, enhance, and share your cultural heritage with members of your own group and others throughout the world. Tell your authentic and accurate story through films and videos shown on The Archaeology Channel. Publicity of this kind can help to increase public support for and appreciation of your cultural traditions. If you choose, we will add a link to your website, supplementary information provided by you, and full contact information.



We would like to include audio materials compatible with our format. Possible elements include indigenous music, samples of endangered languages, and interviews.


Your ideas are welcome.


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