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Strata - September 2021

mayan astro web

Maya archaeoastronomy; Star Trek Archaeology

Time-lapse documentary with stunning cinematography demonstrates archaeo-astronomical phenomena...

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Strata - August 2021

michelekoonsmap web

Zuni map art; Old Henry’s Bones

The Zuni people of New Mexico represent their world in a way that is unfamiliar...

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Strata - July 2021

abbeycloseup web

Declining Egyptian crafts; medieval French abbey

an old Egyptian market that has been an indispensable aspect of Egyptian heritage...

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Strata - June 2021

paisleyexcavation web

Prehistoric Southwest bracelets; Canada’s oldest army regiment

Dr. Michele Koons digs into the Museum collection drawers to tell us about some gorgeous shell bracelets...

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Strata - May 2021

paisleyexcavation web

Paisley Abbey, Scotland

The Big Dig: Paisley Abbey 2019 documents an 8-week excavation...

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Featured Audio

Audio News from Archaeologica, September 12 through September 18, 2021

Bronze Age coffin’s new secretsTibetan handprints, footprints – earliest art?; Pleistocene tools reveal clothing tech.Cataloguing at-risk U.S. Afro-American graves.

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Audio News from Archaeologica, September 5 through September 11, 2021

Acropolis reno may erase centuries of history; Korea’s Moon Castle evinces human sacrifice; Chinese artifacts show ancient peoples’ creativity; New insight into Ancient Pueblo turkey-keeping.

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Audio News from Archaeologica, August 29 through September 4, 2021

Sophisticated Neanderthal bone tools in Italy; first DNA from ancient human lineage in Indonesia; Poverty Point earthworks show surpising hunter-gatherer capabilities; complexities of Viking culture

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Audio News from Archaeologica, August 22 through August 28, 2021

First Clovis site in Michigan; violence among early farmers in Chile’s Atacama Desert; Aztec pictographs document earthquakes; Herculaneum bones show different diets for males and females

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Audio News from Archaeologica, Special Edition for August 22, 2021

Tree rings evidence warming climate; Ancestral Puebloan disruptions; oldest cave art threatened by climate change; team studies climate change archaeology

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