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Strata - February 2021

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M’Hamid Oasis in Morocco

An international team of researchers and volunteers from ArCHIAM and the NGO Terrachidia conducted restoration work...

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Strata - January 2021

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Making cropmarks; the last of his people in Russia

Dr. Chloe Duckworth, aka “ArchaeoDuck,” shows how crop marks can reveal archaeological sites...

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Strata - December 2020

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H to Z of Archaeology; Peruvian scissors dance

Dr. Chloe Duckworth, engagingly defines terms used in archaeology, from Historical Archaeology to Zooarchaeology...

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Strata - November 2020

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Typology and seriation; history of salt in Alicante Province, Spain

Dr. Chloe Duckworth, aka “ArchaeoDuck,” tells us that some of the most vital tools for archaeologists are typology and seriation... 

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Strata - October 2020

cave couple web

The Power of Stuff; Early humans in Congo Basin

Why do we study stuff?  What's the point in “material culture studies,” when we have texts to guide us?... 

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Featured Audio

Audio News from Archaeologica, February 21 through February 27, 2021

Study of Florida burial mounds; 18th century school for Black children in Williamsburg; Himalayan lake with 300 skeletons; early Medieval Celtic memorial stones

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Audio News from Archaeologica, February 14 through February 20, 2021

Oldest Egyptian brewery; Australian grinding stone with moth remains; global study about good governance; Silk Road trade hindered by ancient drought

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Audio News from Archaeologica, February 7 through February 13, 2021

Statuettes at ancient theater in Turkey; oldest known Chinese face cream; Venetian beads in pre-contact northern Alaska sites; 18000-year-old wind instrument from French cave

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Audio News from Archaeologica, January 31 through February 6, 2021

Environmental change and the creation of the Egyptian nation-state; Early Medieval graveyard in Cambridge, England; update on Peru’s Cloud Warriors; Bronze Age changes in Switzerland

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Audio News from Archaeologica, January 24 through January 30, 2021

3000-year-old royal purple dye in Israel; very ancient milk consumption in Africa; dogs as the companions of the first Americans; physical trauma study of medieval Cambridge cemeteries

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