An Interview with Laetitia Dion

The organizer of the Icronos International Festival of Archaeological Film, Bordeaux, France, describes the Festival and how she puts it together.

The Interview:

Every two years, the Icronos International Archaeology Film Festival of Bordeaux brings archaeological film producers to France to share their works in front of a live audience. One of a number of such festivals in Europe, the Icronos Festival has become a stable fixture of the European archaeology film festival circuit, creating a valuable venue for producers specializing in this genre. In this interview, recorded on 19 December 2002, Laetitia Dion, one of the principal organizers of the Icronos Festival, shares with Rick Pettigrew and our audience her experience and perspective on organizing such an event. 

Ms. Dion and her organization have been very helpful also in providing assistance to ALI in organizing The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival, held at the McDonald Theatre in Eugene, Oregon, USA, during 16-19 July 2003. For more information about that event, click here.

About Laetitia Dion:

Laetitia Dion was born in 1971 in southwestern France. She moved to Bordeaux in 1989 to study Humanities at the University of Bordeaux. There she earned a degree in English Language and Civilization, then a two-year diploma in Public Relations, and finally earned a Master's degree in communications (focusing on organizations: associations, companies, public authorities, and urban space). From 1996 until March 1998 she worked as a volunteer for the Icronos Festival. In April 1998 she was hired full-time as an assistant to set up the 6th Icronos Festival. Two years later she became the principal organizer of the Festival.



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