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The news of the week in audio, brought to you by The Archaeology Channel, is compiled and written by Michelle Hilling of Archaeologica and read by Laura Pettigrew. The audio news is compiled from Archaeologica’s daily news updates. The musical interludes are original compositions by Anthony Pettigrew.

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Laura Pettigrew

Laura Pettigrew, voice of the Audio News.

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Wall relief in ancient city on Peruvian coast; Golden horse head from Roman town in Germany; cheese in ancient Egyptian tomb; lost city in Kansas

Animal fat and drought at Catalhuyuk; ancient Egyptian medical texts; Chinese tomb with tales about elderly; trophy heads in Peru

Wooden pipes in Edinburgh; Great Lakes copper in Georgia; Bronze Age citadel in Romania; Greek bathhouse mosaic

Roman library in Germany; Contact period site in Quebec; Bronze Age chariot in India; on-site spa and game room at Roman workshop in Israel

Toxic wrap on Inca mummies; lavish Greek burial in hidden grave; British soldiers recover ancient warrior; remarkable cave painting in Yucatan.

Ancient American farmers and fungus; mummy workshop in Egypt; King Richard III DNA; Persian arrowheads at Sardis battle site

Roman hunting of now-extinct whales; very early human migration to China; new possible origin for famous Mexican temply style; earliest written fragment of Homer’s Odyssey

Medieval game board in Scotland; new analysis of Roanoke stone; unopened granite sarcophagus in Alexandria; Peruvian tomb complex in desert valley

English Neolithic trackway site; tomb of Mesopotamian tweens; cacao beans as Maya currency; Pompeii man not decapitated

New gibbon in Chinese tomb; Egyptian carving of bird from Land of Punt; silk-dressed mummy from Siberian lake; Civil War limb pit

Winepresses in Israel cistern; Easter Island hats; hypothesized Mesoamerican turqoise mines; lost Illyrian city in Albania

Crucified burial in northern Italy; trepanation surgery more successful in ancient Peru; bubonic plague much older than thought; early chariot in India