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Laura Pettigrew

Laura Kennedy,
Voice of the Audio News.

The news of the week in audio, for many years compiled and written by the late Michelle Hilling of Archaeologica, is now the product of our dedicated volunteer team. Read by Laura Kennedy, the Audio News is compiled from Archaeologica’s daily news updates. The musical interludes are original compositions by Anthony Pettigrew. 


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Climate change and Endurance shipwreck; Chinese incense with distant sources; Denisovan molar in Laos; Ukrainian soldiers find ancient amphorae

Uruguay DNA reveals vanished population; favorite birds of medieval Estonians; giant statues in Sardinia; underground Neo-Assyrian worship site in SE Turkey

Lone Neolithic woman in France buried with many men; large Indigenous cave painting in Alabama; new data on Mesolithic Stonehenge environment; sustainable prehistoric Indigenous oyster management

Medieval Norwegian town; Neanderthals in Lower Saxony; meat in Anglo-Saxon diets; Nevada tribes oppose lithium mine

Royal burial sites in early medieval Britain; ancient game dice in India; study challenging pre-Clovis North American sites; northern lights in early Chinese text

Ancient Chilean tsunami; huge stone jars in India; earliest Maya calendar dates; start date for Antikythera Mechanism

Vanilla Flavored Wine 2,600 Years Ago; Avar Migration from Mongolia; Neolithic Human Genome Changes; Insights into Mexico’s 19th Century French Invasion.

Sardinian lead in Cypriot shipwreck; Neandertals in Spain; early medieval skeletons in Scotland; ancient surgeon in Peruvian funerary bundle.

Oldest Hebrew text; drought in Norse Greenland; ice-free corridor in North America; burials and pigments in Neolithic Anatolia.

 Ancient Chinese think tank; Native-American burning practices in the Klamath Mountains; mysterious Roman site in England; ritual deposit of starfish in Aztec temple.

Too re-use by early humans; linen and oil in ancient Levant; new Pictish symbol stone in Scotland; Monte Albán frieze decoded.

Gravesites at Canadian school for indigenous children; Stonehenge as a calendar; child sacrifice in ancient Peru; geologic source for Willendorf Venus.