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Laura Pettigrew

Laura Kennedy,
Voice of the Audio News.

The news of the week in audio, for many years compiled and written by the late Michelle Hilling of Archaeologica, is now the product of our dedicated volunteer team. Read by Laura Kennedy, the Audio News is compiled from Archaeologica’s daily news updates. The musical interludes are original compositions by Anthony Pettigrew. 


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Excavating America’s first Black church; Mexican slave ship carried Maya people; Spanish cave art possibly made by both sexes; DNA study of Viking burials

Date fruit produced from 200-7ear-old seeds; drone finds Kansas earthwork; literacy in ancient Israel; why culture lagged behind human physical development

Sea-bottom cult offerings off Israeli coast; ancient storms contributed to Maya decline; new take on Easter Island population decline; face-down burials and European epidemics

Illegal Sudan gold mining destroys sites; imported pet monkeys from India found in Egypt; prehistoric musical instruments in southern Africa; well dressed mummies in northern Chile

500,000 year old site in England; early humans on eastern Indonesian island; historical Black cemeteries in the US; early stone monuments in Saudi Arabia

Signs of world's earliest epidemic found in China; archaeological evidence puts pandemic effects into historical perspective; how ancient African societies coped with epidemics; epidemics revealed in human teeth

Fluted points from Arabia; intact Inca offerings in Lake Titicaca; Australian mining company apologizes; Northern Ireland’s Navan Fort

Paisley Caves coprolites definitely human; source confirmed for Stonehenge monoliths; grape pips from Negev villages; human teeth DNA and epidemics

Blackbeard ship grounding; smallpox from the Viking Age; analysis suggests very early North American migration; Jerusalem site from time of biblical kings

Sites threatened by India development; Tulsa, Oklahoma, excavations seek mass grave from race massacre; Kazakhstan Bronze Age burial evidences early horse riding; underwater prehistoric sites in Australia

Confederate monument gives up time capsule; ancient ocher mines in the Yucatan; rock engravings inside megalithic Israel burial chamber; history of an Ethiopian lake

Korea Legoland threatens major site; Alaskan eruption as a cause for demise of Roman Republic; bad water in Tikal reservoirs; aerial and satellite imagery locates thousands of Syrian sites