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The news of the week in audio, brought to you by The Archaeology Channel, is compiled and written by Michelle Hilling of Archaeologica and read by Laura Pettigrew. The audio news is compiled from Archaeologica’s daily news updates. The musical interludes are original compositions by Anthony Pettigrew.

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Laura Pettigrew

Laura Pettigrew, voice of the Audio News.

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Bottled tears in Turkish museum; Mesa Verde petroglyphs mark soltices; very old Australian folk tale; search for lost Indian city.

Wasp nests date Aboriginal rock art; historical African-American community in Central Park; curse tablets from Athens well; diverse origins of earliest pottery.

Medieval mansion site in London; Cahokia area thrived after city abandoned; two waves of European Neanderthals in Siberia; Assyrian rock reliefs in northern Iraq.

Basque whaling ship reassembled; DNA reveals how African populations moved; Australian fires expose extensive Aboriginal aquaculture system; world’s oldest mosaic in Anatolia.

Native American life in Washington, D.C.; Neanderthals dove for clams; investigation of Notre Dame Cathedral; Iron Age recycling in Dubai

Viking runestone suggests climate disaster; unmarked African-American slaves in Florida; missing Hobby Lobby cuneiform tablets; oldest sketch of Venice

Very ancient carb cooking; bones from Revolutionary War soldiers; Nevada loopholes endanger Native American burials; atherosclerosis in Inuit mummies

Lost North American crops were productive; cattle traveled to Irish Iron Age feasts; ancient Maya palace in Yucatan; lightning strike inspired Neolithic stone circle in Scotland

Technology used to record Texas rock art; Parthenon had a different name; mass graves from Tulsa Race Massacre; Danish tar gum gives up 6000-year-old human DNA

Paleoindian site in Connecticut; huge Roman shipwreck off west coast of Greece; earliest Christian church in Ethiopia; “head cones” found in ancient Egypian burials

Frozen Pleistocene puppy; hundreds of cuneiform tablets in Iraq; survey of early coast sites in Puerto Rico; Iron Age warrior grave in Yorkshire

Rediscovered African-American cemetery in Tampa, Florida; ostrich eggshell beads yield new insights; Neanderthall bad luck; ancient Puerto Rican clamshells