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Laura Pettigrew

Laura Kennedy,
Voice of the Audio News.

The news of the week in audio, for many years compiled and written by the late Michelle Hilling of Archaeologica, is now the product of our dedicated volunteer team. Read by Laura Kennedy, the Audio News is compiled from Archaeologica’s daily news updates. The musical interludes are original compositions by Anthony Pettigrew. 


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Pyrenees village torched by Hannibal; elephant hunting in central Chile; Medieval horses shipped across the Baltic Sea; experimental study of Greek Bronze Age armor

Roman town lasted longer; modern viruses in Neanderthals; British stone circle may be older; pair buried in embrace not lovers

Roman shipwreck with fish sauce; linguistic analysis posits four early American migrations; new precision for Jerusalem’s early history; leprosy and squirrels in Medieval England

Soundscapes in Chaco Canyon; ritual plant traces beneath Maya ball court; Neanderthal face reconstructed; plant-based diet for Paleolithic North Africans

Avar DNA study; cherries unearthed at Mount Vernon; new cursus monuments in Ireland; lunar alignment study at Stonehenge

Cleft palate prosthesis in Poland; early Aboriginal Australian pottery; Teotihuacan earthquakes; genomic study shows ancient Blackfoot origins

New Pompeii frescoes; ancient city in Tonga; African-American log house excavation in Virginia; clay seal bearing the name Shiraz

Prehistoric camp on New Mexico Air Force base; Paleolithic wooden tools in Germany; chicken eggs in Central Asia; purported early sandstone sculpture in South Africa

Horse cemetery in London; Iranian Plateau as stopover for migrating humans; Violence and crisis in ancient Peru; island time capsule in Australia

Newly documented Aztec codices; food traces evidence Easter Island contact with South America; Britain’s Pompeii; advanced Neolithic boats in Italy

Clay tablet at Hittite site; huge India DNA study; mass grave in Nuremberg; oldest bead in Western Hemisphere

Medieval French abbey totally excavated; Texas obsidian blade attributed to Coronado expedition; French hunter-gatherers avoided inbreeding; plants used in Philistine temples