Series 3, Program 8: The Chinook Tribe *

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Elder Wisdom Feature: Millie and George Lagergren:

Brian Bull shares the stories and heritage of Chinook elders, Millie and George Lagergren, who continue to practice the Chinook traditions, basketweaving, canoe building, paddle-making... and telling stories of the early years.

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Speaking Native:

Don Addison teaches us that the term "Chinook language" and "Chinook Wa-Wa, known as Chinook jargon, refers to several different trade languages.

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Sacred Landscape:

Judy Bluehorse Skelton talks about sovereignty and offers reflections on the land, the people and the journey that changed a continent forever.

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Tribal Rhythms:

Nico Wind in an interview with Peggy Disney, tells the story of the revitalization of Chinook music, and shares a variety of chinook musical forms.

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Health and Healing:

Rose High Bear introduces us to Cowlitz elder, Jerry Bouchard who has learned that the risk of serious complications from diabetes can be reduced with proper diet and daily exercise."

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Artist's Circle:

Bruce Crespin focuses on Chinook canoe carver and tribal linguist Tony Johnson who is teaching his sons to carve Chinook canoes. Tony discusses the fine art of marine engineering.

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Turtle Island Storytellers:

Honorary Chief of the Chinook Indian Tribe, Cliff Snider, whose fourth great grandfather, Chief Concomly, met Lewis and Clark in 1805, tells us ancient legends about the origins of the Chinook peoples."

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* Segment transcripts and participant biographies can be found on the Wisdom of the Elders Web site.