Series 3, Program 1: The Lemhi Shoshone


Elder Wisdom Feature: Leo Ariwite, Rod Ariwite and Emma George

Brian Bull explores the determination of Lemhi Shoshone to hold onto their cultural identity despite the loss of their homeland in interviews with Leo Ariwite, Rod Ariwite and Emma George.

Speaking Native

Don Addison discusses the Shoshone language, part of a very large language family called Uto-Aztecan which spans a huge portion of the American west from the Oregon basin into Mexico.

Sacred Landscape

Judy Bluehorse Skelton shares her perspective on the legend and the woman, Sacajawea who serves as a larger than life inspiration to young women everywhere.

Tribal Rhythms

Nico Wind discusses the Shoshone style of Circle or Ghost Dance music which has been preserved from this well-known but little understood ceremonial tradition, the Ghost Dance.

Health and Healing

Rose High Bear introduces us to Ernest Wahtomy who has successfully met the challenge of diabetes and shares his experiences.

Artist's Circle

Bruce Crespin takes a look at some of the traditional cultural arts of the Lemhi Shoshone, including hand crafted bows made from the horn of the bighorn sheep, and more.

Turtle Island Storytellers

Rozina George tells of her great great great great aunt, Sacajawea, who was captured as a child, and then reunited with her family as a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

* Segment transcripts and participant biographies can be found on the Wisdom of the Elders Web site.