Series 2, Program 8: Blackfeet*


Elder Wisdom Feature: Cynthia Kipp

Brian Bull presents the wisdom of Blackfeet elder and historian, Cynthia Kipp who relates her childhood and her reverence for Blackfeet spirituality.

Sacred Landscape

Judy Bluehorse Skelton discusses the prevalence of diabetes among native people and the use of traditional foods to build physical, mental and spiritual health.

Tribal Rhythms

Nico Wind takes us on the hand game trail, for a listen to the music of the stick game, featuring interviews with Kenneth Old Person, Celestus Arrowtop and Sylvia Gayton.

Contemporary Rhythms

Milt Lee talks with Kenny Scabby Robe of the Black Lodge Singers, who discusses introduction of women singers, replacing vocables with English words in powwow music, and their groundbreaking Kids Powwow Songs.

Turtle Island Storytellers

Blackfeet storyteller Curly Bear Wagner shares the traditional Blackfeet story of how the bear stole the chinook winds.

* Segment transcripts and participant biographies can be found on the Wisdom of the Elders Web site.