Series 2, Program 7: Assiniboine / Gros Ventre*

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Elder Wisdom Feature: Peter Bigstone

Brian Bull features Assiniboine elder, Peter Big Stone, and discusses his devotion to family and tribal traditions.

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Sacred Landscape

Judy Bluehorse Skelton discusses the buffalo disaster and looks at the rebirth of the buffalo nation on today's reservations.

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Tribal Rhythms

Nico Wind features Roger White, Jr., singer and music historian from Fort Peck Indian Reservation, who tells us about the origins of the drum among the Assiniboine, and how they are restoring doorway song traditions.

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Contemporary Rhythms

Milt Lee interviews a young Nakota rap singer from Fort Peck, Montana, Native Sioux-per Man, Dorrance Comes Last and how he is promoting a positive lifestyle with his music.

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Turtle Island Storytellers

Robert Four Star tells a story from his mother who, shortly before her passing, sang a song to the eagles.

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* Segment transcripts and participant biographies can be found on the Wisdom of the Elders Web site.