Events: We Invite Your Participation


Since 2003, ALI has been holding real-world events, performing our public mission directly to live audiences, beyond the virtual world of the Internet served by TAC. Nothing really substitutes for real person-to-person contact!


The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival - Exploring the human cultural heritage on screen.  Since 2003, the only juried international film competition in the Western Hemisphere for this genre.


Archived Film and Video Festival Pages - Archived copies of our previous Film Festivals including associated activities and winning films.


TAC Conference on Cultural Heritage Media - An annual meeting, held concurrently with TAC Festival, to promote discussion and collaboration on the uses of cultural heritage media.


LegacyQuest International Children's Film and Video Festival - School kids having fun with video and learning at the same time! An international competitive exhibition of short films produced by middle-school student-teacher teams.


Archaeology Fest Film Series - A series of the best films from TAC Festival on tour to venues around the state of Oregon.


TAC Festival On the Road - Bring the best archaeological and cultural heritage films to your venue, anywhere!