The Archaeology Channel

International Film and Video Festival


May 1-5, 2007, Jaqua Concert Hall, The Shedd Institute, Eugene, Oregon, USA

Exploring the human cultural legacy on screen!







 Award Selections for 2007


The Shedd

Five days of juried films and videos on archaeological and indigenous topics:


Tuesday evening, May 1

Wednesday evening, May 2

Thursday evening, May 3

Friday evening, May 4

Saturday morning and afternoon, May 5

Awards Reception Saturday evening, May 5


Festival Mission:


To exhibit for our audience the wonderful diversity of human cultures past and present in the exploration of our place in history and in our world. To promote the genre and the makers of film and video productions about archaeology and indigenous peoples.



Films Selected for Screening Include:



The Amphora of Eleusis (Greece) Eleni Stoumbou
Butrint: The Rise and Fall of a Mediterranean City (UK) The Butrint Foundation
The Curse of Talakad (India) Sashi Sivramkrishna (Kabooka Research & Documentaries)
Echo of Water Against Rocks: Remembering Celilo Falls (USA) Steve Mital
Genghis Khan–Rider of the Apocalypse (Austria) Dr. Heinrich Mayer (Austrian Broadcasting Corp., Natural History Unit)
Journeys Into the Ring of Fire: Peru (UK) Jeremy Phillips and Arif Nurmohamed (BBC)
Koguryo Tombs (Germany) Southwest Broadcast and Dr. Elke Werry (Along Mekong Productions)
The Lost Ship of Venice (France/Italy) Maurice Ribiere (Taxi-Brousse Company)
Network (Greece) Andreas Apostolidis
Novgorod: Letters From the Middle Ages (France) Valerie Grenon (Gedeon Programmes)
The Obsidian Trail (USA) Phil Gross (Cinnabar Video) and Far Western Anthropological Research Group
Parnian (Iran) Orod Attarpour
Prehistoric Saba: Echos From the Present (The Netherlands) Jimmy Mans
Proving Up and Settling Down (USA) Sue Arbuthnot and Richard Wilhelm (Hare in the Gate Productions)
Puglia, The Acropolis, Odysseus and the Swallow (Greece) Nicoletta Gouli (Periegesis Film Productions)
Secrets of the Lost Canyon (USA) Ken Verdoia (KUED-TV)
Secrets of Stonehenge Revealed (USA) JWM Productions
Signs Out of Time: The Story of Marija Gimbutas (USA) Donna Read (Belili Productions)
Tibet Tibet (Japan) Kim Seong Yong
Unearthing the Lost Kingdom of Aratta (France) Marie-Pierre Aulas (Gedeon Programmes)
Yvan's Masterpiece (Egypt) Center for Alexandrian Studies



Keynote Speaker (Friday Evening):


Louise Leakey, Ph.D., from Kenya, renowned paleoanthropologist and Director of the Koobi Fora Project on Lake Turkana. More about Louise Leakey... The legacy of the Leakeys . . .



Associated Activities:


Guided Trek to Cascadia Cave


Native American Storytelling by Esther Stutzman


Symposium on Heritage Film



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