The Archaeology Channel

International Film and Video Festival


May 7-11, 2006, McDonald Theatre, Eugene, Oregon, USA

Exploring the human cultural legacy on screen!







Award Selections for 2006


The Shedd

Five days of juried films and videos on archaeological and indigenous topics:


Tuesday evening, March 7

Wednesday evening, March 8

Thursday evening, March 9

Friday evening, March 10

Saturday morning and afternoon, March 11 

Awards Banquet Saturday evening, March 11



Festival Mission:


To exhibit for our audience the wonderful diversity of human cultures past and present in the exploration of our place in history and in our world. To promote the genre and the makers of film and video productions about archaeology and indigenous peoples.



Films Selected for Screening Include:



Blood of the Vikings, Episode 1: First Blood (UK) Paul Bradshaw (BBC)
Blood of Vikings, Episode 2: Invasion (UK) Paul Bradshaw (BBC)
The Disappearing of Tuvalu–Trouble in Paradise (USA, France) Gilliane Le Gallic
Following Antigone: Forensic Anthropology and Human Rights Investigations (Argentina, USA) Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAF), Witness
From the Inside Out (USA) April Chabries
Gone to Pat (India) Mainak Bhaumak and Adirya Kashyap
In the Land of the Black Pharaohs (Switzerland) Climage
Journey Into the Great Unknown (USA) Gray Warriner (Camera One)
The Kingdom of the Nabateans: From Petra to Medain Saleh (France) Gedeon Programmes - Valerie Grenon
King Solomon’s Tablet of Stone (UK) Lara Acaster (BBC)
Qudad: Re-inventing a Tradition (USA) Caterina Borelli
Queen of the Mountain (USA) Martha Goell Lubell
The Secrets of the Karakoum (France) Gedeon Programmes - Valerie Grenon
Slave Island (UK) Ian Potts (BBC TV)
The Truth of Troy (UK) Aidan Laverty (BBC Worldwide)
Vesuvius: Deadly Fury (Italy) DocLab SRL
Viking Voyages (Sweden) Bo Landin (Scandinature Films USA and Muddy Boots Productions)



Keynote Speaker (Friday Evening):


Brian Fagan, Ph.D., from UC Santa Barbara, one of the world's leading archaeological writers, serves as archaeological consultant to National Geographic Society, Time/Life, Encyclopedia BritannicaMicrosoft Encarta, Time/Life Television's Lost Civilizations, and a National Geographic Television series called Treasure . More about Brian Fagan . . .



Associated Activities:


Guided Trek to Cascadia Cave


Symposium on Heritage Film


Family Program at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History


Special Presentation on Sacajawea (Lewis and Clark's famous guide and interpreter) at the Eugene Public Library



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