Room inside the Pyramid of Djoser  Pyramid of Djoser


Latvian scientists, archaeologists, radar and photogrammetry specialists, architects, geologists, historians, computer programmers, and others alike banded together to create a unique technology for exploring archaeological sites. With their new techniques they made a sensational discovery in 2007. In the oldest stone building in the world, Egypt's Pyramid of Djoser, the Latvian scientific expedition discovered new underground rooms as well as a network of galleries. This new information has forced a re-evaluation of previous assumptions about the role and function of pyramids.




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Length: 93 min.
Country: Latvia
Language: Latvian with English subtitles
Director: Ramualds Pipars
Producer: Baiba Urbane, Romaulds Pipars
Producer Web site: www.gilde.lv
Distributor: Film Studio Gilde
Distributor Web site: www.gilde.lv


Festival Screenings and Awards:

East Silver Market, 2010; Broadcast on Latvian Public Television Channel 1, 2011.