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  Rapayan Mummies        Rapayan Site and Landscape



Rapayan is an adventure that whirls together culture shock with elements of the mystical. It focuses on the upheaval that the people of the isolated village of Rapayan are experiencing. Living in Peru’s highlands, they are the direct descendants of a once great civilization. As we follow Canadian archaeologist Alexis Mantha and his team searching their ancestors’ ruins, we discover a culture that has forgotten its past. Conflict arises. The ruins threaten to crumble and Rapayan’s peace is in jeopardy. The village comes to a turning point. The signs are there. A foreigner is unearthing mummies. Past, present and future become blurred as a paved road advances towards Rapayan and modernity catches up with its people.





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Length: 52 min.
Country: Canada
Language: Spanish, French, Quechua
Producer: Daniel Plante, Arrimage Productions
Producer website: www.arrimage.ca
Distributor: Filmoption International
Distributor Web site: