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Investigators Setting a Test Torpedo   Investigator Standing in Submarine Hatch



In a desperate bid to turn the tide of America’s Civil War, the Confederacy launched a new and daring weapon: a forty-foot submarine, armed with a primitive torpedo. On its maiden voyage, it destroyed a mighty Union warship, yet its crew never returned home. In this documentary, new archaeological evidence is used to reconstruct the crew’s final moments and reveal, for the first time, what likely sank the H.L. Hunley.






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Length: 47 min.
Country: USA
Language: English
Producer: Brian Leonard / JWM Productions
Producer Web site:www.jwmprods.com
Distributor: The History Channel / A&E Television Networks
Distributor Web site:www.history.com/ and www.aetv.com/
Copyright: 2007 A&E Television Networks