TAC International Film and Video Festival From Hutong to Highrise: The Transformation of Beijing



Modern Billboard in Beijing   Hutong Neighborhood with Modern Apartment Buildings in Background








Beijing, China, is fervently embracing the modern world. The city has been reinventing itself by replacing its historic urban fabric of narrow lanes (hutong) and courtyard houses (siheyuan) with high-rise buildings and highways. The quest for modernization has, in large, destroyed much of Beijing’s heritage and has disrupted the way of life familiar to residents. From Hutong to Highrise: The Transformation of Beijing documents the urgent debate between residents, preservationists, urban planners and developers over the future of the city




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Length: 21 min.
Country: China
Language: English, Mandarin
Producer: Jasper Goldman, Beatrice Chen
Producer Web site: www.hutongtohighrise.com
Distributor: N/A
Distributor Web site: N/A
Copyright: 2004 by H2H Productions



Festival Screenings and Awards:

Bartlett University, London
Tsinghua University, Beijing
Columbia University, New York City
Cornell University
Newcastle University