TAC International Film and Video Festival The Mummy Who Would Be King



Royal Mummy in Glass Case  Royal Mummy in Glass Case




It is a tantalizing idea and an outrageous long-shot: a shriveled mummy with crossed arms that has lain neglected on a dusty museum shelf at Niagara Falls could be the remains of a long-lost Egyptian king. While a trail of clues hints at how the looted mummy made its way to North America, archaeologists and scientists look to the latest genetic testing and imaging techniques in hope of ascertaining the body’s hidden identity. The Mummy Who Would Be King reveals an astounding story filled with historical intrigue and the wonders of forensic science





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Length: 60 min.
Country: USA
Language: English
Producer: A NOVA Production by Gemini Productions LLC for WGBH/Boston in association with Channel Four, Spiegel TV GmbH, Sveriges Television and Zöe TV
Producer Web site:www.geminiproductionsllc.com/
Distributor: WGBH Educational Foundation
Distributor Web site: www.pbs.org/nova
Copyright: 2006 by WGBH Educational Foundation




Festival Screenings and Awards:

Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing, Gail Willumsen
Beijing Science Film Festival
Vedere la Scienza Festival