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Laura Pettigrew

Laura Kennedy,
Voice of the Audio News.

The news of the week in audio, for many years compiled and written by the late Michelle Hilling of Archaeologica, is now the product of our dedicated volunteer team. Read by Laura Kennedy, the Audio News is compiled from Archaeologica’s daily news updates. The musical interludes are original compositions by Anthony Pettigrew. 


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Mammoth graveyard in England; ancient tobacco in Utah; Norse longhouse cluster in Norway; last known slave ship in Alabama

Greek infanticide; North America’s oldest domestic dog; Mesolithic infant burial in Italy; early rise of cultural divergence in Britain

Cahokia Mounds app and push for National Park status; Ethiopian megaliths; crucified Roman in England; Denisovans in Tibet

Roman mosaic on English farm; Cyprus tomb shows distant connections; Tanzania footrprints; surprising ancient diet at Lake Titicaca

Maya salt factory in Belize; Canadian bison uncover petroglyphs; Seleucid fortress in Israel; analysis of Justinianic Plague

Wooly mammoth extinction; agriculture in Maya kingdoms; ancient mercury poisoning; volcanic eruptions and Chinese dynastic collapses

Canada’s oldest English coin; support for Transeurasian languages proposal; slave room at Pompeii; wooden bird once owned by Anne Boleyn

First child skull of Homo Naledi; submerged Roman villas; first complete Maya canoe; Native Americans object to plans for Boston harbor island

Early Tarim Basis farmers were indigenous; major Sumatran site being plundered; resident population at Chaco Canyon; new species nomenclature proposed for early humans

DNA and the spread of domesticated horses; gold shunned in the Caucasus; cosmic radiation helps date Viking site in Newfoundland; foragers in Madagascar altered the landscape

Tooth analysis rules out Japan as Native American homeland; medieval knowledge of North America in Italy; Azorean lake sediments indicate early human settlement; 6-million-year-old hominin footprints in Crete

Lost script of Easter Island; Siberian dogs show wide DNA connections; Aztec obsidian mirror used in court of Queen Elizabeth I; first Black church in Williamsburg