Dr. Asma Ibrahim: Pakistan's First Female Archaeologist

Running time: 55 Mins.

Guest: Dr. Asma Ibrahim

Archaeologist and museologist Dr. Asma Ibrahim joins the program to discuss the state of archaeology and heritage preservation in Pakistan. As one of the only female archaeologists operating in Pakistan, Dr. Ibrahim discusses her career path and the hardships she has had to overcome in pursuit of her goals. Though her work and research has spanned the globe, she has dedicated much of her professional life to advancing the preservation efforts of archaeological sites and traditional arts and crafts in Pakistan. She is the director and founding member of the Centre for Archaeological and Environmental Research and has carried out extensive research at various sites in the Indus Delta Area in Pakistan. Currently, she is serving as the Director of the State Bank Museum & Art Gallery Department in Karachi, Pakistan, a museum she helped create. Join the conversation to learn about this accomplished and inspiring archaeologist.

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