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In February 2010, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) invited ALI to participate in their Golden Jubilee Media Educational Trip to Thailand. This trip, designed by the TAT to educate media organizations about the tourism attractions of Thailand, was an excellent opportunity for ALI to explore and interpret the cultural heritage of this great country for our audience. It also was a chance for us to demonstrate that we can tell a story about a country through film that is authentic and informative as well as in harmony with and supportive of the goals of tourism promotion.

We sent our correspondent film maker, Teal Greyhavens, on this tour, which took place March 12-25, 2010, and included a wide variety of destinations in Thailand. Before he left and while he was there, ALI volunteer researcher Leah Arnold, currently residing in the United Kingdom, carried out background research on the cultural heritage sites Teal would be visiting and prepared script text for his use in the field and upon his return home. He came back exhausted from the journey and the hard work involved, but excited to have the chance to create a news-style film report of his tour. This video was aired in our October 2010 edition of the Video News.


Thailand river houses


Thailand river structure