In this section, each link leads to webites for further reading and information. This section can be defined as being the main webpage for each link.


Organization: Alexandria Archaeology Museum

Description: A description/explanation about the historical process including how to select a site, how to conduct research, excavating the site, lab processes and reporting the results.

Age group or class level: High school students/college students

The Archaeological Process




Organization: Bureau of Land Management

Description: Collection of links to various educational resources from the BLM website related to archaeology.

Age Group or Class Level: Teachers





Organization: Museum of Antiquites

Description: Page with clickable links to further archaeology related resources for teachers, including links to Greek pottery, architectural vocabulary, radiocarbon dating information and other unique websites.

Age group or class level: Teachers

Teaching and Research




Organization: National Park Service: Ocmulgee National Monument

Description: Page with links for kids activities and lesson plans for teachers. Included are links to the Junior Ranger Program.

Age group or class level: Ages 2 on up.

For Kids




Organization: National Park Service: Southeast Archaeological Center

Description: Links to the NPS photo gallery and the Florida Center for Instructional Technology at the University of South Florida.

Age group or class level: Teachers

Additional Educational Resources




Organization: Simon Fraser University (BC) Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology

Description: List of links to educational websites and teacher instructions for lesson plans, with descriptions and useful information for teachers to use in the classroom.

Age group or class level: For Teachers to use for grades 4-7

Summary of Links to the BC Ministry of Education Curriculum




Organization: Smithsonian Institution

Description: The entire collection of the Smithsonian Natural Museum of Natural History’s Department of Anthropology publication AnthroNotes (1979-2012) and 263 individual AnthroNotes articles can be downloaded in three formats (PDF, mobi, ePub) from the Smithsonian Libraries digital database. The database is searchable by author, title, year and subject. Searches may be conducted in over 40 topics, including geographic regions, contemporary issues, and education. AnthroNotes includes research-based articles by leading scholars in the field as well as classroom-tested activities.

Age group or class level: Teachers, students and researchers; all grade levels

AnthroNotes Digital Repository




Organization: Society for American Archaeology

Description: Simulated digs developed by archaeologists and archaeology educators to be used as part of an interdisciplinary unit, or a culminating activity in a classroom study of archaeology.

Age group or class level: Teachers

Classroom Digs




Organization: Societey of American Archaeology

Description: Website with 5 links to pages for archaeological field schools, including the SAA's 'News and Events' page.

Age group or class level: Teachers

Links to… Field Opportunities for the Public and Archaeological Field Schools




Organization: Teaching History.org

Description: A website with many different link for teachers to use to help students of all ages with lesson plans, activities, guides and other helpful materials. Teachinghistory.org is designed to help K–12 history teachers access resources and materials to improve U.S. history education in the classroom.

Age group or class level: Teachers and all class levels

National History Education Clearinghouse