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This fictionalized documentary is a reproduction of our imagined past—a journey through the lands of Poland and more widely in Europe about 4,000 years ago. The time in our focus is the transition from the Neolithic Age to the Bronze Age. This period witnessed a rapid technological and civilizational leap, by which the standard and quality of life significantly improved, and the very way in which societies functioned changed. The people at large saw a major enrichment of their lives. Bronze products, which began then to be utilized in everyday life, became an external symbol of social status and wealth. This subject matter, outlined in a fictionalized way, supports the cognitive, informative and educational value of this film. Via its choice of locations, its scenography, 3D animations, and precisely planned frames, this film revivifies a world that has long since vanished.

Length: 70 min

Country: Poland

Language: Polish w/ English subtitles

Director: Krzysztof Paluszyński

Producer(s): Andrzej Paluszyński