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This film follows the first systematic underwater archaeological survey around Kasos Island in the Aegean Sea. Kasos Island has had a remarkable maritime prominence, from Homeric times through the 20th century. Maritime archaeologist Xanthi Argyris led the team of archaeologists, scientists and technicians. They conducted intensive diving in search of ancient shipwrecks. At the time of this filming, they were just completing a fourth year of their maritime archaeological survey in the area. After surveying 60 km of shoreline, they discovered ten shipwrecks, representing periods from ancient times to the present. After 220 dives and 320 hours spent underwater, 108 selected archaeological finds were recovered. Studying the shipwrecks’ locations has added new “tiles” to the already massive mosaic of the Aegean Sea’s underwater archaeological expanse.

Length: 12 min

Country: Greece

Language: Greek w/ English subtitles

Director: Stelios Apostolopoulos

Producer(s): Stelios Apostolopoulos