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In 1911, in the Dutch Indies, Emile van Rouveroy, a young Dutch planter, fathered a daughter with his housekeeper, named Enok, a local Sundanese girl, then only 15 years of age. He legitimized Enok and raised their daughter, Nelly, in his own, white family. Nelly and her mother never saw each other again. One-hundred-ten years later, two of Emile’s grandchildren, Dorna van Rouveroy and Maurice Boyer, search for traces of Enok and of her fellow sufferers and descendants. They focus on what skin color and ethnic origin have meant; what they mean today; what it means to be an “Indo,”or partly colored, in modern Indonesia and in Dutch society; and what it means today to descend from a colonial family and to be bi-racial.

Length: 60 min

Country: Netherlands

Language: Dutch, English, Indonesian

Director: Dorna Xandre van Rouveroy van Nieuwaal

Producer(s): Dorna van Rouveroy