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This film recounts the unexpected discovery—in the ancient Egyptian-Greek papyrus archives of the Louvre Museum—and the arduous decipherment, of a very ancient musical score. It invites us to follow the work on this ancient score by scientists, including by “music archaeologists” who are passionate about the sound worlds of ancient humanity. Abundant visual evidence—painted, sculpted, and carved into stone—of the importance of music in ancient civilizations exists. Even some of their ancient musical instruments have survived into our present day. But recovery of the sounds of this music is another matter. From Delphi to Pompeii, from Egyptian temples to the newest technically advanced laboratories, new discoveries are bringing back to life elements of the musical soundscapes of antiquity, otherwise lost forever.

Duration: 53 min

Country: France

Language: English, French & Latin

Director: Bernard George

Producer(s): Olivier de Bannes