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They were the masters of the Andes. They were the masters of the Pacific coasts of the South American continent. They created the first social superpower of the Americas. Their ancient name is still well known to us today: the Incas. Yet this remarkable civilization apparently never had a writing system. Their history has therefore been reported only by their enemies, the Spanish conquistadors who violently invaded their empire starting in 1532. However, for the last 15 years, thanks to new, advanced-technological tools and proliferating research programs, a new story of the Inca Empire has arisen, revealing new aspects, either unknown or badly understood, until now. What is the real story of the Incas, this legendary people? All over their ancient empire, scientists are gathering new clues by which to reconstruct the answers to this question.

Length: 90 min

Country: France

Language: French, Italian & Spanish

Director: Thibaud Marchand

Producer(s): Christie & Agnès Molia