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Threatened by marine erosion, the site of Le Rozel delivers rare vestiges of the daily life of Neanderthal populations who occupied this remarkable point of the Normandy coastline around 80,000 years ago. Among these fragile remains, more than 2000 footprints have been discovered: the largest collection of Neanderthal footprints in the world! Since 2012, archaeologist Dominique Cliquet has raced against the clock to excavate this site of international importance before the raging sea swallows up forever the traces of life left in the dunes by the Neanderthal men, women and children who frequented it. Via research conducted in recent years throughout Europe and beyond, still-unpublished archaeological investigation results take us on a dizzying journey through time, in the footsteps of another humanity: Neanderthal humanity. Little by little, archaeology is allowing us to glimpse the humanity of this disappeared species, so different from, and yet so close to, our own!

Length: 52 min

Country: France

Language: English

Director: David Geoffroy

Producer(s): Caroline Chassaing