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This film recounts the vast story of our social and cultural evolution, from the Paleolithic period in the continent of Africa, and beyond, to the end of the western Roman Empire. This panoramic film details the successive revolutions in humanity’s material culture. This story begins with the innovations of Paleolithic modern humans, nomadic, prey-following hunter-gatherers, whose advances in tool-making and other arts set them apart from other hominids and enabled their expansion worldwide. That is followed by the Neolithic renaissance in tool innovation and plant and animal domestication and its spread from the Middle East into Europe. The story continues with the Bronze Age’s revolution in metallurgy and beyond, which turned small Neolithic villages into city-states and then led on to the multi-city-state empires of the ancient Mediterranean world.

Length: 27 min

Country: Belgium

Language: English

Director: Sebastien Duhem

Producer(s): Valentin Soulet