Location: Brazil         Length: 12 min

This video describes the Archaeological Scientific Salvage and Cultural Heritage Management Program of Taguatinga Valley in Brazil’s capital, Brasilia. The Goiano Institute of Pre-History and Anthropology (IGPA) from the Catholic University of Goias (UCG) conducted research on a massive water treatment project and carried out extensive public education. The work was supervised by Brazilian National Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage (IPHAN) and funded under contract by the Company.

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Produced in 2005 by the Brasilia Before Brasilia Archaeological Heritage Project of Basic Sanitation of Brasilia (CAESB)

Copyright 2005 by Brasilia Before Brasilia Archaeological Heritage Project

Brazilian Archaeology from a Brazilian Perspective (The Free Library)

A Historical Memoir of Archaeological Research in Brazil (1981–2007) (Anna Roosevelt; Museo Paraense Emilio Goeldi)

Project Area (International Water Research Alliance Saxony)