Location: West Virginia         Length: 28 min

In ancient times before the Great Pyramid of Giza or the Walls of Jericho were ever built, Native Americans lived in West Virginia’s Kanawha Valley. Join the Cultural Resource Analysts Team as they excavate a history-rich site near the Marmet Locks. Layer by layer, they introduce us to the first inhabitants of the Valley from the hunting-gathering clans of the Paleo-Indians to the Archaic people, the Woodland Mound Builders, and the Late Prehistoric farmers. Learn what makes the state truly unique and the ties that bind it to the greater American legacy.

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Produced and directed in 2010 by Daniel Boyd and Erika Celeste

DVD produced by US Army Corps of Engineers

Council for West Virginia Archaeology 

Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc. 

Ghosts of Green Bottom (The Archaeology Channel) 

Prehistory of West Virginia (Wikipedia) 

Red Salt & Reynolds (The Archaeology Channel) 

Secrets of the Valley (Daniel Boyd) 

US Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington District