Location: Utah         Length: 57 min

When it was revealed in 2004, Range Creek Canyon became a worldwide sensation. In a special parcel of land wedged in a remote corner of Utah, the Wilcox family had protected hundreds—if not thousands—of ancient Fremont Culture archaeological sites. But other stories lurk behind the headlines and media hype: political deal making, competing interests forced into uneasy alliances and unspoken pressures that could shape the fate of the canyon. Lost Canyon captures the first glimpses of untouched rock art, houses and artifacts in wilderness-like settings.

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Produced by Ken Verdoia and Nancy Green

Copyright 2005 by KUED, Salt Lake City, Utah

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The Ancient Treasure of Range Creek (Washington Post)

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Secrets of the Lost Canyon (KUED, University of Utah)

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For updated information about Utah archaeology, please see the Utah Professional Archaeological Council