Location: Idaho/Oreogn         Length: 25 min

The basalt cliffs of Hells Canyon have witnessed the ebb and flow of Native American tribes, trappers, miners, and homesteaders as each has left a mark on America’s deepest river gorge. This film brings Hells Canyon to life through the accounts of historians; Horace Axtell, a descendent of Chief Joseph’s band of the Nez Perce; and early Hells Canyon residents, Violet Wilson, Ace Barton and Joe Jordan. These old-timers share stories of work and family, isolation and ingenuity, and a deep respect for the canyon they called home in the first half of the 20th Century.

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Produced by Hare in the Gate Productions

Copyright 2006 by Idaho Power Company

Association of Oregon Archaeologists

Hell's Canyon National Recreation Area (USDA Forest Service)

End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center (End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center)

National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center (BLM)