Location: England         Length: 14 min

Calleva Attrebatum, the Roman Town of Silchester, was built after the First Century Roman invasion of Britain and abandoned forever in the Fifth Century. All that stand now are the impressive stone wall and the amphitheater, but below the ground lies a vast array of clues to the lives of the townspeople and the mystery of the community's sudden demise. This documentary relates how archaeologists today, including field school students, are carefully gathering evidence that one day will tell the full story of Calleva.

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Produced and directed by Sean Caveille

Copyright 2002 Sean Caveille/TimeSequence Films

Calleva Attrebatum: British Tribal City

Calleva Attrebatum (PDF; Hantsweb)

Romans in Britain

Discoveries at Silchester

Silchester Town Life Project (University of Reading)