Location: Turkey         Length: 8 min

First excavated in the 1960s by British archaeologist James Mellaart, the Turkish Neolithic site of  Çatalhöyük was reopened by an international team led by Ian Hodder for an ambitious 25-year project beginning in 1993. One of the world's largest settlements 9000 years ago, this town housed 10,000 farmers at a time when most people on Earth were hunter-gatherers. The site is famous for its sculptures and wall paintings, residential mud-brick architecture, burials beneath house floors, bull heads plastered in house walls, and mother goddess figurines.

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A film by Ona Johnson and Karis Eklund with the support of Nick Merriman, Director of University College London Museums and Collections

This video was made for the Visitor Center at Çatalhöyük.

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