Location: Thailand         Length: 5 min

Through computer reconstruction, a model of an archaeological site may be created from a variety of data and studied, examined and compared as if it were the real thing. Dr. Richard Levy built a computer model of the ancient temple at Phimai, Thailand, initially as an educational tool for Thai students. As vividly demonstrated here through a virtual tour of this dazzling World Heritage Site, the computer modeling of the Phimai temple serves to show the potential of this technique for archaeologists everywhere. (Photo courtesy of Richard M. Levy, U Calgary)

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Copyright 2001 University of Calgary

Computer reconstructions and narration by Richard M. Levy, Ph.D., MCIP, Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary

Produced by the Learning Commons, University of Calgary

Computer reconstruction: temple site at Phimai, Thailand

Phimai Historical Park

Phimai Sanctuary (Peter J. Burns article in Things Asian)

Prasat Hin Phimai