Location: Turkey         Length: 26 min

In June 2000, the world media gave extensive coverage to the flooding of the Euphrates River behind a dam in southeast Turkey. As the waters rose, Zeugma, an important Roman city containing high quality mosaics, was inundated in the Euphrates' depths. At the same time, towns and villages disappeared beneath the new lake. Raising questions of government policies and sustainable development, this film tells the story of the mosaics as well as that of the displaced people, some of whom turned to antiquities trafficking to replace lost income.

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Produced by Melek Ulagay Taylan and Nurdan Arca

Copyright 2001 by Ajans 21 and Kinomad Productions

Birecik Dam (Dartmouth University)

Zeugma Archaeological Project (The Human Journey)

Zuegma, Commagene (Wikipedia)