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lattes web

Location: Guam     Length: 26 min.

Separated by 1500 miles from the nearest large land mass, Guam saw the first human migrants 3500 or more years ago.  These colonists participated in the longest over-water migration in human history up to that point and became the native Chamorros of Guam…


Location: Italy         Length: 10 min

This film describes how the recently created Pompeii Trust is attempting to preserve this important piece of history for future generations…


Location: Guatemala         Length: 28 min

This is a film about the Maya people emerging, through their own impressive efforts, out of a dark past…


Location: Israel, Palestine         Length: 27 min.

The Book of Matthew relates that Herod, King of the Jews, ordered the slaughter of the innocents to eliminate a potential challenger to his throne…


Location: Oregon, USA         Length: 4 min

Vandals in 2011 tagged the walls of an Oregon mountain cave, obscuring Native American rock art drawn on the walls many centuries ago.  At the time of this video, authorities of the USDA Forest Service were looking for the perpetrators and the Oregon High Desert Grotto organization was offering a cash reward for their apprehension…


Location: Florida, USA         Length: 3 min

At the end of the American Revolutionary War, England returned all of Florida to Spain, but it remained a disputed and lawless area…


Location: California, USA       Length: 16 min.

The Agnew Tramway in California’s Sierra Nevada was built in 1915 to service a series of high-elevation dams still operating as the Rush Creek Hydroelectric Historic District.  The tramway pulled workers…

nicolewaguespack web

Location: Jordan     Length: 4 min.

“Conservation in the 2nd Century Temple of Artemis” is a joint archaeological project…


Location: Arizona         Length: 30 min

Why is the burning at the 14th Century Chevelon Ruin of the Homol'ovi village in northeastern Arizona so extensive? In this ancestral Hopi home, 100 or more structures were burned intentionally, but why?


Location: Guatemala         Length: 14 min

As keepers of what they believe is the very navel of the world, people in the highland Guatemalan town of Santiago Atitlán hold the cosmos itself in balance by performing rituals (see TAC video Balancing the Cosmos) echoing the ancient traditions of their prehispanic Mayan ancestors.