Connecting the Past to the Present through Archaeology


Location: Idaho, USA       Length: 11 min.

On the evening of January 8th, 1944, a B-24 crashed during a nighttime training mission near the Twin Buttes Bombing range, killing all seven men on board.  After the initial cleanup and recovery, the crash site was left and forgotten for nearly 70 years until Idaho National Laboratory archaeologists relocated the site.  They found a class ring was from 1935 that had the initials ‘M.A. H.” engraved on the inside.  They found the daughter of the ring’s owner, and returned it to her and invited her to visit the crash site and participate in this video.

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Produced in 2016 by the Idaho National Laboratory

Copyright 2016 by the Idaho National Laboratory

Videographer: Chris Morgan

History of Idaho (Wikipedia)

Idaho Archaeological Society

Idaho National Laboratory

Idaho State Historical Society

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