An Expression of Unity: The Shaker Tobacco Pipes from Union Village


Location: Ohio, USA       Length: 14 min.

Archaeology and history intertwine to tell how publically-funded archaeology by the Ohio Department of Transportation for a minor project uncovered traces of a 19th century Shaker community whose little known ceramic industry produced clay tobacco pipes unique in form and specific to the Shakers.  Combining archaeological evidence with the historical record proved that not only were the Shakers at Union Village manufacturing clay tobacco pipes, but they were making the same pipes as their fellow Believers in other Shaker communities.

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Produced in 2016 by the Ohio History Connection

Copyright 2016 by the Ohio History Connection

Archaeological Society of Ohio

Encountering the Shakers of the North Family Lot, Union Village, Ohio (Ohio Department of Transportation)

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Making Archaeology Public: Union Village, Ohio (Ohio History Connection)

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