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Spanish conquistadors four centuries ago, vainly searching for riches in the North American heartland, encountered a remarkable American civilization that eventually faded from memory.  After a new look at an old Spanish journal and a long-ignored map, an archaeologist invites high-tech specialists to peer beneath the Kansas surface and test a novel interpretation.  Caught on camera, this research confirms a 1601 battle between conquistadors and natives, revealing a radically surprising past world.  Prepare to experience the long-forgotten land of Quivira.

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Produced in 2016 by Archaeological Legacy Institute

Copyright 2016 by Archaeological Legacy Institute

City of Arkansas City, Kansas

The Expedition of Juan de Onate to Quivira in 1601 as narrated in The “True Report” and the “Valverde Interrogatory.” Edited by Jerry R. Craddock. Translated by John H. R. Polt. (University of California)

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