Tall Hisban is the longest continually excavated archaeological site in Jordan.  This film presents two intertwined stories: the story of the comings and goings of many empires throughout the past three millennia in Jordan and the story of how the local population has survived under this long series of power shifts.  The film was shot on location in Jordan during a three-week dig in May 2010, during which its international team exhibited reason to hope for the future of international cooperation.  Some shots are from the surrounding regions, such as Madaba, Jerash, and Wadi Musa.



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Length: 14 min.
Country: Jordan
Language: English 
Director: Paul Reid
Producer: Stronger than Fiction
Producer Website: http://www.strongerthan.org
Distributor: Stronger than Fiction
Distributor Web site: http://www.strongerthan.org


Festival Screenings and Awards:
Used by a number of university instructors in their classes; Scholarly conference, University of San Diego,  2010; Scholarly conference, Andrews University, 2011; Video News from TAC, 2011.