Etruscan gold leaf



The early Mediterranean civilization of Etruria flourished for a thousand years and then vanished, leaving beguiling art and artifacts, but little trace of its history.  After decades of painstaking work, archaeologists now are beginning to piece together a fascinating portrait of daily life in Etruscan society. Etruscan Odyssey engages viewers with a brief historical background utilizing stunning images of artifacts from the finest known collections of Etruscan art.  These works highlight the expert aesthetic and technical prowess of the Etruscans, which continues to inspire a desire to find out more about the lost culture at the heart of the Mediterranean tradition.  Follow the team as they find an isolated city frozen in time, buried in the ground, coming out, piece by precious piece.



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Length: 17 min.
Country: USA
Language: English
Director: Rachel Lyon and Christine Intagliata
Producer: Lioness Media Arts
Producer Website:http://www.lionessmedia.com
Distributor: Lioness Media Arts and Filmakers
Distributor Web site:http://www.filmakers.com


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