unicorn and damsel  Medieval Unicorn


Accounts of the large white horse with a large, pointed spiraling horn projecting from its forehead are found in natural history accounts of ancient Greek writers.  Is the unicorn just a legend or did it actually exist, simply disappearing like the Dodo or the Tasmanian Tiger? The Quest for the Unicorn traces the rise of the unicorn in world literature and relates how its journey through history mirrored the slow emergence of scientific thought in the Christian world, which saw the unicorn as a reincarnation of Christ himself.



Length: 52 min.
Country: France
Language: English and French
Director: Emmanuel Laurent
Producer: Emmanuel Laurent, Films A Trios
Producer Website: http://www.filmsatrois.com
Distributor: Dash Films and Films A Trios 
Distributor Web site: http://www.filmsatrois.com


Festival Screenings and Awards:

International Review of Archaeological Cinema, Rovereto, Italy, 2011.