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Men in period battle garb         Archaeologists excavating in northern Spain        




Thousands of people in high schools throughout all of Europe have studied the song of Roland, a 1200 year old French epic poem and one of the most essential literary components of European heritage and culture. But over a thousand years after the Battle of Roncesvalles took place, how do we know how much of the story is fact and how much is fiction? 778: The Song of Roland takes us on a historical and archaeological trip, searching for the origins and the significance of one of the oldest and most well known works in European history.  







Length: 77 min.
Country: Spain
Language: English
Director: Oliver Van Der Zee
Producer: Alberto Rojo, Idem4
Producer Web site: www.idem4.com
Distributor: Idem4
Distributor Web site: www.idem4.com