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Waldeban monk with a scroll             Waldeban monk holding ceremonial item        



Northern Ethiopia is the birthplace of Ethiopian Christianity, a religion practiced by almost half of the country’s 80 million people. In the northern province of Tigray lies a remote territory dedicated completely to the monastic life, the Waldeba. The Waldeba is home to about a thousand monks and hermits that lead secluded lives of abstinence, fasting and prayer. For these religious people, dying in Waldeba is the way to gain direct access to heaven. In this film, the first documentary on the region, François Le Cadre goes to Waldeba to observe the religious practices of the monks and learn about Saint Samuel, the founder of the most important regional monastery called “the land of the monks.”







Length: 53 min.
Country: France
Language: English
Director: Jean-Louis Saporito
Producer: Aline Houdy and Thierry Gautier, TGA Production
Producer Web site: www.tga.fr
Distributor: ARTE France
Distributor Web site: www.arte.fr


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