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Photo of previous Avondale area residents   Avondale descendants watching archaeologist at Avondale Burial Place site        




I Remember, I Believe tells the story of the Avondale Burial Place, an African-American burial ground discovered by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) during planning for the Sardis Church Road Extension Project. The trauma found on the bones, the large number of infant and children burials, and the protective charm artifacts found with the bodies tell a story of the difficulties of tenant life. All are evidence of their hardships. I Remember, I Believe looks at the history of African-American tenancy and the Great Migration through the legacy of an archaeological site and 101 burials and visually describes a descendant community’s discovery of their past.







Length: 33 min.
Country: US
Language: English
Director: Chad Carlson
Producer: Georgia Department of Transportation, Office of Environmental Services
Producer Web site: www.dot.state.ga.us
Distributor: Georgia Department of Transportation, Office of Environmental Services
Distributor Web site: www.dot.state.ga.us


Transportation Research Board ADC50 Committee on Archaeology and Historic Preservation, Summer 2012 Meeting Film Festival, Lancaster, PA - July 15, 2012
Society for Georgia Archaeology Fall Meeting, Columbus, GA - October 27, 2012(scheduled)
Project received Federal Highway Administration Excellence in Human Environment Initiative award in August 2012
Georgia Municipal Cemetery Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA - September 21, 2012